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If you have a skill and high experience in the field of business and you have the ability to expand in the field of expertise and independence from the job in your own work

So we are invite you to join with us in our freelancer team , We are an electronic gateway for trade to support business and trade exchange aimed to establishment company for consulting and supporting business for companies, factories (small and medium-sized)

To provide this projects with a production’s raw materials for their industries and marketing the finished products in the domestic market and export market with provide business services and consulting with linking the small and medium-sized entities especially projects that do not have a specialist administration departments in a conglomerate to be able to compete in the market with using all the skills, expertise and technological possibilities to achieving the goals .

** This is not show for a job, but it is a request for experience with business partnership for benefit from different experiences in the team – (for further inquiry please contact us).

If you join us you will get the following features:
S serve as a business partner with the skills and experiences that you have and not an employee.

you have the percentage of net profits according to the percentage of sales that have been achieved total sales

Access to sales achieved with a subscription in the value of a bouquet corporate Line to see Packages Click here

Reducing the total expenses that will be borne by you if you are alone

Take advantage of the different experiences of experience partners. To find out our vision Click here

Expansion in the field of investment and access to greater business opportunities compared to individual investment.

Reducing the effort to expand the scope of business and customer base.

Treated as a body corporate one and the Union of different experiences and skills in a joint entity

Areas of Expertise Partners
E Production and industry.

E – Marketing and Advertising Click here

Local sales and purchases Click here

Import and Export Click here

Financial information and business support . Click here

Training and Human Resources Click here

Commercial Legal Services Click here

Entrepreneurship and craftsmanship Click here

Business and trade support

R Production and industry.

Raw materials for the manufacture of raw and production


Marketing of finished products for companies and factories

Marketing products micro-projects

Business consulting and training services


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