Business Control and Trading

Business Support and Trading

Internal Controls
Performance management
Planning, budgeting, & forecasting
Monitor & Control
Analysis & Reporting


               A Professional experience which enhanced with the related  education which focused on Analysis, Planning, Forecasting, Auditing and Controlling the commercial business activities in Sales, Receivable, Production, COGS, Expenses and establishment a commercial integrated system over all the  commercial business to maximize the profitability and hedging the related risks . Additional to Supplying with implementation the Import & Export operations to meet operation required.

Analysis and auditing all Business Activities which focused in Customers’ Credit, Commercial Policies, Production, Costing, Planning to determine the variance from the budget to maximize the Profitability and hedging the risk , and controlling the commercial activities and determine the viability..

Oversees all aspects of trading, Import, negotiations and process implementation for trading related to goods, raw material, tools & equipment and planning , forecasting the supplying order and monitoring the Stock on hand beside to  extend a co-operate with a new suppliers to open a new trading area in or outside Egypt with monitoring the import and Export cost.

Implements the cost accounting and activities. And all related to account payable, receivable, inventory, banking and analysis the Sales, Costing and Expenses.

Customer Credit Management

  • Ensure that all subsidiaries have a Pricing and Credit policy that is controlled electronically.
  • Ensure that all credit clients are covered with valid credit contracts and payment.
  • Analysis and review through a meeting with each Commercial Manager the Receivables Reports.
  • Monitor the payments and post-dated checks per BU, Sales Channel, and SKU.
  • Identify problematic accounts and slow moving collections to take an action.

Sales & Profitability Performance

  • Monitor and analysis various activities over BU.
  • Analysis Sales, C.O.G.S & Expenses to define a deviation from the budget to support strategic decisions.
  • Analysis the profitability per client and SKU per all business units. 
  • Responsibility for analysis reports monthly across all commercial fields in Wadi Group.
  • Discussion the weakness and comments in commercial reports with Chief commercial officer.
  • Prepare a consolidated commercial activity statement.
  • Monitor the performance and growing in commercial activities with reviewing KPI’s

Planning, Development and Internal Control

  • Develop automated Income Statement per client and per salesman.
  • Establishment of an integrated information system, administrative procedures and trading.
  • Review procedures for Commercial activities and provide advice & support by implement.
  • Follow up with factories, farms and inventory store in the group company for activities their needed
  • Planning raw material, Production Lines and spare parts and export shipment.
  • Monitor the level of sales and cost of imported raw material. •Prepare report for Sales and Import Analysis.
  • Review account receivable and collection schedule with export clients.
  • Review account payable and payment schedule with import supplier

Import & Export and Supply Chain Operation

  • Search in the Internet to extend Co-operate with new suppliers and open new trading areas.
  • Negotiate for the best purchasing package of quality, pricing and terms and.
  • Process implementation for trading related to Commodities, Raw Material, Equipment.
  • Negotiation favorable contractual terms and conditions for products with suppliers.
  • Reduce the cost of commodities to less extent possible with following up with purchasing department.
  • Prepare Import and Export shipment documents and tracks orders.
  • Contact the local suppliers for the required items from the local market for deals which better than Import
    Follow up the contract to the end of supplying and payment

Costing & Reporting

  • Perform the monthly closing activities including preparation of the cost statement
  • Plan, organize and direct all the activities of the cost accounting function
  • Prepare Unit Cost report along with supporting analysis related closing month.
  • Responsible for inventory accounting and reporting.
  • Analyze Sales, C.O.G.S and SG/Ad expenses.
  • Responsibility to record and review the transaction in system, journal and Ledger. 
  • Participate in the preparation of income and balance statements.
  • Review customer receivables balances are regularly reconciled with clients.
  • Ensure that sales orders are issued in compliance with payment terms and prices contracted.
  • Revision of accounts to propose adjustments to inactive accounts, provisions and write-offs.
  • Review and prepare report for post-dated checks for all credit clients.
  • Reviews all invoices for appropriate documentation for approval prior to payment.
  • Ensure that all checks have the appropriate signatures and are distributed accordingly.
  • Reconciles all supplier statements, researches and corrects payable discrepancies.
  • Revision of suppliers accounts to propose adjustment entries for inactive accounts

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