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Business Support and Trading

About us

We are an experienced and qualified working group who has decided to cooperate and implement the idea of supporting small and medium businesses also micro business (online business) in the domestic market and export to help them grow and compete in the face of large companies especially companies that do not have specialized divisions in their companies.

Our Vision

The idea of supporting business and trade came and implementing it was based on a specialized working group with diverse expertise and competencies in various departments that gained their experience in companies with weight in the trading and industrial market. 

They decided to cooperate to launch their ambitions and to implement the idea of a online marketplace as E-commerce specialized in providing services to support business and trade Marketing and assisting small and medium companies in the competition , growth and use of all skills, expertise and technological capabilities to achieve this for business especially projects that do not have specialized departments in their companies.

At the beginning of this idea we launched the department as Management of Sales and Trading / Procurement and Supply Management / Managing the import and export / Management of electronic marketing and advertising/  Management of internal control and business analysis , to extend the departments in the future

Question and Answer

An E-commerce website for supporting small and medium business and also the Micro online business .

It target companies / factories / service providers and enterprises company, medium to market products and services and supplier their raw material for own production, industry and marketing finished products in the domestic market and export

– Registration for free on the site.

– A special page for each company on the Axpertline platform  to display communication data and a summary of the company and its products.

– Add your company’s products and services on the shop and the possibility of buying direct in domestic and export market.

– Receive requests from customers or offers from suppliers directly and respond to them.

– Search for suppliers to the needs of your factory or your company.

– Database for suppliers and potential customers in various fields.

– The possibility of direct purchase in different currencies and change trade Language.

– Periodic work articles and news by your company on the site.

– Advertising and the use of special promotions for products and services company.

– Help local and international sales department and purchases through a dedicated team upon request.

– The possibility to participate in different packages depending on the required features.

Packages are available as Win-Win  (online business) / Start up  Business / Grow up Business  / Business Partner.

– Production and Industry

– Raw materials for the manufacture of raw production Packaging

– Marketing of finished products for companies and factories

– Marketing products for Micro business (online trading)

– Business consulting and training services

Where we offer our services to small and micro-enterprises and help them in accordance with the requirement and provisions to expand and offer our expertise and the possibilities of marketing

Yes – we accept where are among the small micro-projects which we support the condition of seriousness and commitment to the credibility of the group is, and if they are within the site sectors


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