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For Business Support and Trading

We are!

We are an experienced working group with experts and competencies who have decided to cooperate and implement the idea to support the business and trade in small and medium enterprises in the domestic market and export to help them grow and competition like large companies especially enterprises do not have specialized departments in their companies

Vision for Business Support and Trading

Therefore The idea of ​​supporting business and trade came as the idea of ​​implementing it was based on a specialized working group with diverse expertise and competencies in various departments that gained their experience in companies with weight in the trading and industrial market.

They decided to cooperate to allow them to launch their ambitions and to implement the idea of ​​a company specialized in providing services to support business and trade Marketing and assisting small and medium companies in the competition , growth and use of all the our skills, expertise and technological capabilities to achieve this, especially projects that do not have specialized departments in their companies.

At the beginning of this idea include the below experiences to be extended in the future

Management of Sales and Trading
Procurement and Supply Management
Managing the import and export
Management of electronic marketing and advertising
Management of internal control and business analysis
Human resources management and training


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