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An E-commerce website for supporting small and medium businesses and also the Micro online business.
It targets companies/factories/service providers and enterprises company, medium to market products and services and supplier their raw material for production line, industry, and marketing finished products in the domestic market and export

About Us

Business Service

Business Service and supporting are very important for any successful company to reflects it to the performance of all departments, improves the business end-results and helps the management takes appropriate decisions at the right time based on the clear and solid information.

Business Support

Transform their traditional work systems into modern work systems applicable to helps our clients to develop more and achieve a higher success rate.

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Financial Service

Develop a solid financial culture that quickly adapts to organizational changes and new needs to achieve better performance and higher revenue.

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Trading and Marketing

Supplying raw material and other needs for manufacturers from the local and foreign market and market all production in the local and export market

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Training and Recruiter

We help you to Train, recruit and apply advanced solutions at each stage of the work for the entire company’s departments.

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Sub Sector

Major Service


Business Area and Stores

There are many of the areas in our platform for business support and trading supporting  B2B and B2C companies, manufactures, and micro business

“Khamate” Trade (B2B)

Equipment / Tools / Filters and Pumps / Oils and Greases / Food packaging /Cartons / Adhesives / Plastic / Glass / Chemicals / Wood / Feed Additive
/ Raw Material

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Supermarket Store

Fats and oil

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 Gallery Store

Clothes / Care Products
/ Electronic Devices /
Home Accessories
/ Handcrafted / Lighting
/ Glass / wooden

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Axpertline platform offers many of category to join in the team of the axpertline or be a member of the business partner



join to the Platform for business support and trading “Axpertline ” and market your products and service for free (Limited) or paid package to able use all our service which targets the small and medium business to support them in the business and export market



join with us in our freelancer team, We are an electronic gateway for trade to support business and trade exchange aimed to establishment company for consulting and supporting business for companies, factories (small and medium-sized)



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